In the framework of its partnership with Axis Communications (leader of the IP camera), TENEVIA will benefit from advance use of Axis Communications’ new fixed outdoor camera. The latest model in the P13 series, the  P1367-E (5MP), re-uses the characteristics of the P1357-E model regularly recommended by TENEVIA but is lighter and more efficient thanks to improved light management.


  • Optimum light management

The Axis P1367-E camera offers optimised images for applications with a high added value, whatever the light conditions. It is extraordinarily sensitive to light thanks to Axis’ Lightfinder technology which faithfully reproduces colours even in near obscurity. The P-Iris control optimises contrast, brightness, resolution and field depth. The Forensic WDR function also ensures excellent detail in both the light and dark zones of an image. N.B: The Axis P1367-E camera has a CS lenses so you can change lenses according to your monitoring requirements.


  • An outdoor-ready camera

With its robust design, the Axis P1367-E is ready for outdoor installation in complex environments. It can resist intermittent temperatures of -40 °C to 60 °C (-40 ºF to 140 ºF). With its IP66, NEMA 4X and IK10 indexes, you can be sure that the camera’s casing will resist difficult weather conditions and acts of vandalism. The casing also has a new innovative interior with a lot of space for bigger lenses. You can go into Corridor Format even more easily than before.


  • Sharp images with a low bandwidth

The AXIS P1367-E camera uses Axis Zipstream technology so video flow can be analysed in real time to identify areas of interest. These areas are slightly less compressed than the other areas to preserve the important details without compromising image quality, whilst reducing storage and bandwidth requirements by up to 50 %. The resulting images are of an exceptional quality while making considerable savings.

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