In order to contribute to the growth of smart city technologies, Impulse Partner is a company that seeks to identify, connect, develop and advise innovation actors in different fields of activity.

Driven by this desire to bring together industrial groups and start-ups, Impulse Labs accelerators aim to promote exchanges and win-win relationships.

After a selection process involving major industrial and financial groups, TENEVIA joined in September 2019 the accelerator of innovative technologies dedicated to Smart City whose main challenge are:

-Escort the mutations of infrastructures, operators and services for a frugal, mobile, resilient and citizen city

-Deploy new services by capitalizing on the data produced by the city

As such, TENEVIA wishes to develop partnerships to facilitate the integration of its intelligent watercourse surveillance cameras (CamLevel, CamFlow) and flood forecasting model (HydroCore) to the other tools of the smart city.

To find out more about TENEVIA solutions dedicated to SmartCity, visit the TENEVIA website under “Application cases” or discover our solutions at the SmartCity International Congress in Barcelona from 19 to 21 November 2019.