Using an amateur video on YouTube, TENEVIA reconstituted the flow of the Seine in flood in Paris when the monitoring sensors failed

The flooding in the Seine in Paris in June 2016, the worst for 30 years, highlighted the vulnerability of the monitoring systems of rivers in flood. In fact, as related in the media and interviews with Vigicrues managers, forecasts of the water height and arrival time of the flood peak were hampered by the monitoring sensors failing, probably affected by the debris carried by the river. Someone had to be sent on site to observe the Seine’s real level in order to inform the relevant government departments (…)

TENEVIA used a video taken from YouTube to reconstitute the missing data at the peak of the flood. (Lien video UTb) Using the new FlowSnap video software, TENEVIA reconstituted the flood flows after the event. This new technological approach now offers hydrometrists new strategies for monitoring floods that foster a better understanding of the real operation of rivers and canals.