Come and see the hydrometry sensor cameras on the TENEVIA stand on March 14th & 15th in Lyon during the 3rd hydrometry congress “Measurements & Uncertainty”.

Since the SHF’s 2nd hydrometry congress was held in 2013, hydrometry has continued to develop both in terms of measurement techniques (non-intrusive measurements using SVR radars and LSPIV cameras, for example), as well as data collection and transmission methods.

The French community has been very active in the field of estimating uncertainty, particularly on the new technologies: Doppler Hydrometry Group, AFNOR standards commission, production of common references, organising inter-comparisons of equipment and techniques …

European regulations as applied in French law have contributed to a better understanding of requirements for flow observation networks, specifying the expectations linked to the requirements (flows of dissolved and particulate matter associated with pollutants and sediments, predetermination of hydrological extremes, managing and sharing water resources, environmental quality, global changes, etc.).

The SHF and the Doppler Hydrometry Group are proposing a new discussion on hydrological measurements and the uncertainty linked to these on March 14th & 15th, 2017 in Lyon/Villeurbanne.

Three major themes are to be discussed :

  1. Challenges linked to the measurement networks
  2. Measurements and methods (rivers and urban networks)
  3. Data qualification and use, analysing uncertainty
Program & Registration

Program & Contributor

Session 1 - Contributor and video

NAME Timing
Sébastien Gailliez 00:00:08
Jérôme Le Coz 00:17:26
Maud Pauthier / Ayoub Tahiri 00:58:45
Yoann Le Roy 00:58:45
Questions partie 1 01:20:58
Stéphanie Poligot-Pitsch 01:39:57
Pierre Marchand 01:53:20
Stéphanie Poligot-Pitsch 02:01:41
Marie-Mélodie Belin 02:12:49
Questions partie 2 02:26:05

Session 2 - Contributor and video

NAME Timing
Stéphanie Poligot-Pitsch / Rachel Puechberty 00:00:08
Dominique Laplace / Nicolas Delbos 00:19:26
Frédérique Larrarte / Matthieu Dufresne 00:35:52
Alexandre Hauet 00:52:42
Patrick Fourmigué 01:09:05
Questions partie 1 01:29:04
Alexandre Hauet / Guillaume Chauvel 01:49:56
André Stumpf 02:07:12
Alexandre Hauet 02:23:32
Stéphane Piney / Guillaume Morel 02:43:12
Laurent Diéval 03:00:04
Jérôme Le Coz / Gilles Pierrefeu 03:10:41
Questions partie 2 03:29:42


Session 3 - Contributor and video

NAME Timing
Anouck Foray (Schapi)  00:00:09 
Fabien Désetables (CD93)  00:17:47 
Mélisande Oget (CD94)  00:30:20 
David Besson (DREAL CENTRE-VAL DE LOIRE)  00:50:52 
Aurélien Despax (LTHE)  01:04:11 
Gilles Pierrefeu (CNR)  01:23:54 
Elise Jacob (DRIEE)  01:39:27 
Arnaud Belleville (EDF-DTG) Gilles Pierrefeu (CNR)  02:06:49 
Michel Lang (IRSTEA)  02:23:40 
Arnaud Belleville / Hélène Combe (EDF-DTG)  02:33:15 
Christel Touzet ( SCP)  02:53:45 


Award ceremony for the best poster and conclusions