The first company to develop a hydrometric solution using image analysis, TENEVIA was pleased to receive representatives from the Chinese Water Ministry. Welcomed by Mrs. Geneviève Fioraso, the former Research Minister and Deputy for the Isère department.

Mr. Lu Yunyang, a senior official from the Chinese Ministry, was on a tour of Europe looking into waterway monitoring technologies. Four European companies were selected by his team, each of them a leader in a waterway monitoring technology: radar, pressure sensor, ultrasound and camera. Together with five experts from the Chinese Institute of Hydrology and the Protection of Water Resources (NSY), the Chinese delegation headed by Mr. Lu Yunyang first went to Finland and the Netherlands before coming to Grenoble to see French company TENEVIA. Before ending its European tour in Germany and Austria, the delegation was eager to find out about the patented solution TENEVIA RiverBoard® (Now Camlevel and CamFlow).

This camera-based waterway Measuring and Monitoring solution offers the advantage that it can be installed at a distance from the river and is therefore protected from floods. The water depth and surface speeds are measured using innovative and efficient image analysis algorithms (i.e. LSPIV). Mr. Lu Yunyang also appreciated the TENEVIA technology’s capacity to generate rating curves very rapidly, thereby ensuring a more durable system by facilitating the hydrometric maintenance. This technology, which was awarded the UNO’s Damir ČEMERIN award in October 2015 by the Secretary General for Natural Hazards and the French Ecology Ministry (MEDDE), can be used with a hydrological forecasting system and/or a population warning platform.

The delegation’s visit ended at the Saint-Martin d’Hères campus thanks to the support of Grenoble-Alpes University, with a presentation of the RiverBoard camera installed on the bank of the Isère river in association with the IGE (LTHE).